Our Mission

Our mission is centered on elevating public consciousness about the vital importance of maintaining clean environments. In a post-pandemic world, the significance of cleanliness has become more evident than ever.

Despite advances in technology, the prevalence of unclean spaces persists – a reality we aim to change. We challenge the acceptance of subpar cleaning standards by recognizing that perceptions of cleanliness vary widely.

Through our expertly designed training programs, we impart non-toxic cleaning techniques that not only enhance cleaning practices but also foster a supportive community. Our goal is to transform spaces globally, making them cleaner, healthier, and sources of happiness.

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Our Team

Keri Mercer
since July 2020

Little about her: I enjoy life and see beauty in everyday. I always look for the best in people and try to stay positive, no matter what.

Enjoys most while working at Call Keri: Our staff and our clients are the motivation that keeps me going.

Favourite Quote: No Worries

Laurin Hole
since July 2020

Little about her: I have a 10 year old son who is a sports kid, and two dogs. I recently bought a house in Parksville. I love riding horses and off leash walking with my dogs.

Enjoys most while working at Call Keri: I like working with this amazing team. Seeing them all build their confidence as they grow with Call Keri.

Favourite Quote: Be the reason someone has a better day.

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Jazlyn Hole
since November 2023

Little about her: She is island born and raised. Enjoys biking, exercising, gardening and loves adventuring with her two daughters and family.

Enjoys most while working at Call Keri: Friendly team and clients. Very flexible schedule. I like to go above and beyond. Wonderful atmosphere.

Favourite Quote: You make my Heart Sing


LeAnne Actimichuk
since March 2021

Little about her: I am a mother of two daughters. Love adventuring this beautiful Island.

Enjoys most while working at Call Keri:

  • Cleaning is a great therapy
  • Very flexible company to work for
  • Always fun
  • Definitely exhilarating to clean clients homes.

Favourite Quote: Keep Smiling!

Sara Hearn
since July 2022

Little about her: Love animals, music, being outside in nature, makeup and fashion and cooking

Enjoys most while working at Call Keri:

  • Positive and friendly atmosphere, like family!
  • Flexibility
  • Getting to clean beautiful homes.
  • Great clients

Favourite Quote: "Do or Do Not, there is no Try"': Yoda, Star Wars - The Empire


Alison Mccullough
since Feburary 2022

Little about her: I was born and brought up in Parksville and I am raising two kids.

Enjoys most while working at Call Keri: Using my skills to make the difference in my clients day and the rewarding feeling of making look new again.

Favourite Quote: "Happiness is the richest thing, we will ever own." - Donald Duck


since September 2023

Little about her: She is 22 years old, engaged, and has a lovely cat, named Taz. Loves to swim and listening to music. 

Enjoys most while working at Call Keri: She loves making people smile and helping them. It also brings me joy to help someone feel relaxed in their own home while she cleans the house. 

Favourite Quote: The great mind discusses ideas; the average mind discusses events; and the small mind discusses people. - Eleanor Roosevett


Shioli (Oli) Kawanam
since August 2023

Little about her: She is from Japan and loves free diving in all kinds of weather.

Enjoys most while working at Call Keri: She loves meeting new people and working well with great team members. Her most satisfactory moments is after a good clean.

Favourite Quote: Efficiency is valuable, as time equates to currency. The more challenges you overcome, the stronger you become.