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Final Construction Cleaning

Starting at $260

Meticulously cleaning your new home after construction or renovation.

With a trained eye for detail we remove dust, debris and minor imperfections like paint drips, glue and grout mishaps from all surfaces inside and out. Reporting any deficiencies. We are the final step of a dream come true and we don’t disappoint.

Services Include

Please let us know your cleaning priorities so we can start with those if you are doing the minimum clean.

  • Full clean and dust removal of bathroom surfaces and fixtures
  • Full clean and dust removal of kitchen surfaces and appliances
  • Removal of dust from lights and fixtures
  • Removal of dust from window sills tracks and screens
  • Arranging window cleaning
  • Dust removal from baseboards, ledges and trim
  • Cabinet cleaning inside and out removal of dust and debris
  • Vacuuming and dust removal from floors
  • Floor mopping and removal of tough paint or grout mishaps
  • Ensuring the intended brand new look and feel
  • Reporting damage and deficiencies